About AltEnergy

Renewable Energy Solar Panels in Sydney, Australia

Clean, renewable energy has reached a critical mass in Australia, with record investment in recent years leading to a pipeline of projects launched in the coming years. AltEnergy closely monitors this activity to provide its service users with the most comprehensive and up-to-date information available on all significant clean energy developments, from conception to commissioning to generating.

AltEnergy will dig deep to assist our followers to fully understand what’s happening, down to the major supplier level, at all major clean energy projects across Australia and New Zealand including weekly significant updates and relevant contact details.

Our easy-to-use online map and database lists all utility-scale projects in a searchable format enabling users to filter by project name, technology, proponent and location. Click on individual projects to see their details and history.

The AltEnergy Database and Project Updates services are essential tools for project proponents, planners, contractors, suppliers, investors, regulators and anyone else who wants a detailed understanding of exactly what is happening in the rapidly growing renewable energy sector.

Our database lists over 800 renewable energy projects in Australia and New Zealand, with over 500 that are in-development. That’s over 100,000 MW of proposed green energy, and these numbers are growing each and every day!

About the Publishers

A joint venture between Pex Publications and Lennox Communications, AltEnergy has a strong pedigree when it comes to producing news that is of strategic and economic value to its clients.

Pex Publications has been producing subscriber-based energy news reports for almost 50 years, predominately in the oil & gas field. Under the ownership of businessman John Carr, Pex expanded to include pioneering renewable energy publication Renergy between 2003 – 2007.

Lennox Communications’ principal Paul Sullivan has contributed research and writing services to Pex Publications since 2001, including editing Australia’s first dedicated renewable energy publication, Renergy.


Renewable Energy

Alternative energy production in Australia and New Zealand has been growing at a phenomenal rate. Total renewable energy consumption in Australia in 2015 representing 5.9% of Australia’s total energy consumption. It has been suggested that with sufficient public and private sector investment and government policy certainty, Australia could switch entirely to renewable energy within a decade by building additional large-scale solar and wind power developments, upgrading to transmission infrastructure and introduction of appropriate energy efficiency measures. 

We are excited to see this progress and look forward to seeing the amount of project’s and MW increase rapidly.