AltEnergy 2.0; what’s changed?

Here is a brief summary of the changes we have made in AltEnergy 2.0:

  • The new AltEnergy Dashboard feature which presents a wide range of information contained in the database in chart form, such as MW capacity of each technology (e.g. wind & solar), state and status
  • The new AltEnergy Industry Directory (AEID) consisting of an alphabetical list of all the organisations involved in the large-scale renewable energy industry in Australia and New Zealand
  • Ability to search those projects that have a battery component
  • A filter option in the Project Search function to see the most recent additions to the database
  • Separate fields for project Developer and Owner to reflect ownership changes
  • A new project category for Waste-to-Energy and Battery projects
  • Changes to make registrations of multi-user accounts easier

Now let’s look at some of these features in more detail, starting with the additional search and project identification functionality.


New Categories

We have added two new categories to reflect growing interest in these types of projects; Waste-to-Energy and Battery, the latter which will include approved/under construction large-scale energy storage facilities either standalone or attached to utility-scale renewable energy projects. To find confirmed or already constructed Battery projects select the Battery option in the Category field shown below.


Battery Category

In the Battery category the system must have reached final investment decision, be under construction, or generating. Other early-stage battery systems proposed for attachment to a large-scale renewable energy project (typically a solar or wind farm) will be noted in the details for the particular project they are associated with. These projects can be searched by using the Battery checkbox option shown in blue below.

For example this search will find all Solar Farms in South Australia that have a battery component.

With the result…

Whatever details available for the battery component of the particular large-scale renewable energy project of interest will be shown in the Description field by clicking through on that project, seen here…

As you can see in the sample Project Database search screen up the page we have also separated the fields for project Developer and Owner as the industry matures and more projects are being acquired and changing hands, with the ability to search specifically in either.

The Date Added search field will also become a more valuable tool as the months roll on and more projects are added so users can quickly identify the most recent additions. This feature was specifically requested by a number of subscribers. For example this is a sample search for projects added Last Month…


We encourage subscribers to “test drive” the new search functionality and get back to us with any feedback. Now let’s move on to our new products.


AltEnergy Industry Directory

The level of activity in the large-scale renewable energy industry in Australia and New Zealand has increased rapidly in recent years and is now supporting tens of thousands of jobs across a wide range of sectors. The AltEnergy Industry Directory (AEID) gathers together all those industry contacts in one convenient, searchable online directory for people who are seeking specific suppliers, trades and services, and provides a platform for businesses to connect with other industry participants.

Listing information includes: Name, Logo, Services provided (can be more than one category), Description of services/equipment (less than 100 words), Operating location, Project involvement, Website address, and Contact details (name, phone, email). There are more than 35 industry categories represented in the database across a wide spectrum of services, such as Environmental Consultants, Developers, Equipment Suppliers, EPC, Transport, Legal, Earthmoving, Finance, Employment, Catering and many more operating across Australia and New Zealand.

As seen in this sample below, subscribers can search by company Name, where they operate, when they were added to the Directory, and which companies are providing each service.

AltEnergy Industry Directory (AEID) is a separate subscription.


AltEnergy Dashboard

AltEnergy Dashboard breaks down all the extensive information from the individual projects we have in our Project Database into convenient, easy-to-use charts and graphs.

Users can make their own charts and graphs by filtering the data to see information such as:
• Total capacity of renewable energy either In Development or Generating at any given time
• Total capacity by Technology (eg. solar, wind, hybrid etc)
• Total capacity by State presented in a pie chart
• Each state cut into each tech – pie chart

AltEnergy Dashboard can provide clear and up-to-date about the status of the industry in bite-sized pieces ideal for internal or external reports and presentations.

AltEnergy Dashboard is included in the Essentials Package.

Below is the result for a search of Capacities for each technology in WA