Orange Community Renewable Energy Park (OCREP)

Are you looking for an ethical investment opportunity?

The Orange Community Renewable Energy Park (OCREP) is a 5MW solar installation featuring 5MWh of battery storage. As part of Energy Democracy’s Central West NSW Co-operative, the OCREP is currently the largest crowd funded solar PV project in Australia.

Energy Democracy is offering parcels of shares in the co-operatively owned project equivalent to:

  • 5 kW of solar generation;
  • 5 kWh of battery storage; and
  • 5019 kg of carbon offset (first year) at;
  • $4,995 per parcel.

Anyone in Australia can purchase one or more parcels of shares, be they a household, small business or an ethical investor for their self-managed super fund.

To find out more on how to invest and become a member, visit

The distinguishing feature of this project is the battery storage that enables solar generation from the day to be stored for later usage, or to provide dispatchable energy for supporting grid reliability. Solar energy that is stored can also be sold when electricity prices are high, to deliver competitive financial returns on your investment.

The Central West NSW Co-operative has an opportunity to purchase up to 44% of the OCREP. In order to secure the maximum possible community ownership, the co-op must raise around $4.58M (917 share parcels available) to pay for its stake before 31 October 2021. We hope the community will take full advantage of this opportunity.

The life of the park, and therefore the investment, is expected to be at least 25 years. A member’s payback on their investment is via dividend payments and sharing in cash surpluses generated by the park. More information can be found in the disclosure statement and on Energy Democracy’s website:

Energy Democracy Co-operatives play a critical role in uniting strong healthy communities; purchasing power is enhanced and diverse communities are connected to strengthen social networks and community cohesion. The Co-operative model supports a local approach while collaborating with others to leverage initiatives that can deliver cheaper power for all and reduce our impact on the environment. Collectively members look for ways to overcome barriers to participation.

The world is facing a climate emergency. You can make a difference through a climate positive investment that offsets harmful emissions in a carbon intensive grid. Energy Democracy supports ongoing conversations with the community to inform you of tangible steps that you can take to be involved in the transitions towards a clean energy future.