Project Wentworth 

Quasar Energy is pursuing the goal of establishing solar thermal power generation in the area near Wentworth, in South Western NSW. Quasar Energy has secured 1800 hectares of freehold land currently used for grazing, on “Netherby”, 10 km north of Wentworth, situated between the Darling River and Fletcher’s Lake. The plant will have access to water resources and is situated in the vicinity of power transmission and distribution grids.

At 100 MW in capacity, the Project Wentworth plant will be among the largest Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) plants in the world. Based on power tower technology, this advanced system captures the solar radiation and stores the energy, in the form of heat, to be transformed into electricity when needed. Located in Wentworth, in South Western NSW, this is an answer to Australia’s need for affordable, reliable, 24 hour a day renewable electricity.

Project Details

More details are available here Project Wentworth