1. Project Database

Our easy-to-use online map and database lists all utility-scale renewable energy projects across Australia and New Zealand. The search function enables subscribers to filter out Generating from In Development projects, and search by Project Name, Technology, Developer/Owner, Status (proposed, approved, under construction), State, Location and Date Added. We track Wind, Solar Thermal, Solar PV, Marine, Hydro, Bioenergy, Geothermal, Hybrid, Waste-to-Energy and Battery technologies.

The interactive map shows Generating projects in green and In Development (proposed, approved or under construction) projects in yellow.

In Development Projects

Each In Development project comes with a dedicated data sheet that lists all the important information about that project. When viewing on the map simply click on an In Development project marker and a card will appear with key information and a link to view the full data sheet.

Note: The map can be zoomed in to close scale. 

Datasheets contain each project’s main features such as Location, Capacity, Description, Developer/Owner, Expected Cost, Status, Major Contractors and Suppliers, Contacts, and a project timeline in the form of status updates allowing you to follow its progress from conception to construction to commissioning. Whether you are seeking a broad-brush overview of the industry or are interested in the detail of specific projects, AltEnergy’s Project Database has your information needs covered.

Generating Projects

All projects which have been commissioned and are generating are represented by a green icon. Click on the icon to find out more information about the project, such as Name, Capacity, Owner/Developer, Location, State and Year Completed.

Example of Generating Project info card:

2. Watts News

Each week (48 editions/year) subscribers receive by email a news report covering all the significant activity that has occurred in the industry over the previous week. Our focus is on hard, project-related news about utility-scale projects (we leave the policy discussion and opinion to the commentators). Information provided includes new projects, status and approval updates, contract awards, and relevant developer, industry and government news releases. Links back to our database are provided for all the relevant projects. The week’s news from a wide-range of reliable sources is collated into one document in date order for you to read at your convenience, or you can login and read each edition (and back issues) online.

Click here for Watts News sample (July 2019)
Click here for Watts News sample (May 2020)
Click here for Watts News sample (January 2021)


3. AltEnergy Industry Directory

The level of activity in the large-scale renewable energy industry in Australia and New Zealand has increased rapidly in recent years and is now supporting tens of thousands of jobs across a wide range of sectors. The AltEnergy Industry Directory (AEID) gathers together all those industry contacts in one convenient, searchable online directory for people who are seeking specific suppliers, trades and services, and provides a platform for businesses to connect with other industry participants.

Listing information includes: Name, Logo (with link to a website), Services provided (can be more than one category), Description of services/equipment (less than 100 words), Operating location, Project involvement, Website address, and Contact details (name, phone, email). There are more than 35 industry categories represented in the database across a wide spectrum of services, such as Environmental Consultants, Developers, Equipment Suppliers, EPC, Transport, Legal, Earthmoving, Finance, Employment, Catering and many more operating across Australia and New Zealand.

AltEnergy Industry Directory (AEID) is freely available to the public to increase exposure to listed businesses.

4. AltEnergy Dashboard

AltEnergy Dashboard breaks down all the extensive information from the individual projects we have in our Project Database into convenient, easy-to-use charts and graphs such as:
• Total capacity by Technology (eg. solar, wind, hybrid etc)
• Total capacity by State presented in a pie chart
• Each state cut into each tech – pie chart

AltEnergy Dashboard can provide clear and up-to-date about the status of the industry in bite-sized pieces ideal for internal or external reports and presentations.

AltEnergy Dashboard is free with no subscription required.


Together, AltEnergy’s range of products will keep subscribers fully informed and up-to-date about the utility-scale renewable energy industry in Australia and New Zealand. Click below for prices and subscription details.


Data Access & Licensing

Do you need up-to-date, comprehensive, accurate information about renewable energy projects for an important presentation, report or in-house mapping? We’ve already done the research and so can save you the time, effort and resources of having to do it yourself. We can provide cost-effective, whole-of-database spreadsheets in Excel/CSV format for you to plug into your GIS applications or use in presentations and reports. Filter the data to breakdown information into technology categories (solar, wind etc), state locations, capacity factors, and other datasets. Conditions of use apply.

Contact us for a price at sales@altenergy.com.au


AltEnergy can put your business in front of a target audience specifically related to the Australasian renewable energy industry. Packages include advertising on our website, tailored emails to our subscriber/contact database, social media (+500 followers), or combinations of these.

Our subscribers are a who’s who of industry insiders, or you can utilise our huge industry contact database of over 1000 individual companies to promote your products or services. We can help you put together a well-designed HTML email or PDF so you can reach a perfectly targeted and relevant market with information about a new product or project, service delivery offer, or general brand awareness in a cost-effective way.

Rates and terms are available on request.

Contact sales@altenergy.com.au with your advertising enquiries.