Off-Site Renewable Energy EOI

26 April

Monash University (Monash) is inviting Expressions of Interest (EOI) from suitably qualified, experienced and resourced providers for the long-term contract supply of 45 to 55 GWh of electricity from a renewable energy source. The contract will also include the provision of renewable energy certificates, namely Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGC's).

More information available from

Source: Monash University


Coopers Gap Wind Farm

Under the Electricity Act 1994, the Regulator (i.e. the Director-General of the Department of Energy and Water Supply) issues authorities (licences) for generation, transmission and distribution activities in Queensland’s electricity industry.

When an applicant applies for a generation authority to connect generating plant with capacity greater than 30 megawatts (MW) to a transmission grid or supply network, the Regulator must invite interested persons to make submissions about the application.

What is proposed?

The proposed Coopers Gap Wind Farm is a 460MW power station to be located in the Bilboa and Cooranga North region, approximately 50km south-west of Kingaroy and 65km north of Dalby. The Regulator is seeking feedback from interested persons with regards to issuing AGL Hydro Partnership (the operator of the proposed generator) a generation authority for the Coopers Gap Wind Farm.

Further details are available in the Application for electricity generation authority: AGL Hydro Partnership for the Coopers Gap Wind Farm information paper.

Have your say

Written submissions about the proposed Coopers Gap Wind Farm are welcome. Please send your submissions to:


Mail: Attn: Andrea Wold

Regulation, Governance and Analytics

Department of Energy and Water Supply

PO Box 15456


Submissions close at 5pm on Monday, 1 May 2017.

Source: Queensland Government


Storage to strengthen Victoria’s energy system

27 April

The Andrews Labor Government is calling for detailed proposals for large scale battery energy storage facilities in western Victoria.

The call comes following an exceptionally strong market response to an expressions of interest process run in February and March this year.

Earlier this year the Labor Government announced $25 million to support large-scale energy storage, to enhance the reliability of our grid and unlock economic growth in areas experiencing network constraints.

Detailed proposals are being sought to provide two 20MW batteries to be fully deployed by January 2018, providing storage capacity of at least 100MWh.

For example, a 20MW battery could power a town the size of Bendigo or Ballarat for up to four hours during a peak demand period and avoid outages.

Applicants will be also encouraged to seek funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) in parallel to the Victorian initiative, to drive even further investment in new energy technology and energy system reliability in Victoria.

Merit criteria and guidelines for applicants will be available on 1 May 2017 via:

Any enquiries should be directed to

Source: Victorian Government


New projects

Limondale Sun Farm

Overland Sun Farming Pty Ltd is proposing to develop the Limondale Sun Farm, a large-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) generation facility and associated infrastructure in south-western NSW.

The project will have an estimated nominal capacity in the order of 250 megawatts (MW) and once operational will provide enough electricity to power up to 100,000 homes each year.

Overland proposes to develop the project on a site within the Balranald Shire local government area (LGA), approximately 14 kilometres (km) south of the township of Balranald. The site encompasses an area of approximately 2,049 hectares (ha), of which 1,103 ha will be developed. The site has been highly modified by previous and current land uses, including land clearing, cropping, and livestock grazing. The development footprint (1,103 ha) within the site boundary has been refined through the project design process to site project infrastructure to avoid environmental constraints as much as possible.

The project will connect to the Transgrid 220 kilovolt (kV) electricity distribution network that originates at the Balranald Substation. The site is in close proximity to the Balranald Substation, and there is a range of connection infrastructure in the vicinity, most notably Transgrid’s 220 kV transmission line, which traverses the site. The project will use the existing cleared easement for the Transgrid 220 kV transmission line to connect to the Balranald Substation.

Estimated capital investment value: $325mil


Brett Thomas

CEO & Managing Director

Overland Sun Farming

Tel: 0418 327 372 


Metz Solar Farm

Fully constructed, the Proposed Development would have an electricity generation capacity of approximately 100 megawatts (MW), producing enough energy (233 GWh) to power the equivalent of 40,000 average NSW households each year, over a 30 year lifespan.

The Proposed Development would include the following elements:

 Solar arrays: approximately 400,000 solar panels supported by a mounting system installed on approximately 50,000 piles driven or screwed into the ground;

 The panels would be installed on either:

o A fixed tilt system (oriented north to south); or

o A single axis system (orientated west to east);

 Up to 50 central inverters located throughout the development;

 Above and/or below ground onsite cabling and electrical connections;

 Onsite access tracks;

 Substation (connects the Proposed Development to the national electricity grid);

 Support buildings alongside the substation including communications equipment and tower;

 Perimeter fence (security fence approximately 2.5 m high);

 Vegetation buffers for visual screening; and

 Firebreaks.

Capital Investment Value: $130.25mil


Jane Ross

Infinergy Pacific Ltd.

Tel: 0418 632 727



Tarleigh Park and Currawarra Solar Farms

RES Australia is planning two new solar farms in the Deniliquin area of New South Wales.

Tarleigh Park Solar Farm will consist of 250,000 panels with a capacity of 100 MW, while the Currawarra Solar Farm will feature 500,000 panels to produce up to 175 MW.

Approvals applications are scheduled to be submitted by September with construction possibly starting in 2018.


Mike Whitbread

Project Manager

RES Australia

Tel: (02) 8440 7400          



Beryl Solar Farm

The Beryl Solar Farm proposal includes the construction, operation and decommissioning of a photovoltaic (PV) solar farm that would produce up to 95 Megawatts of electricity, and associated infrastructure.

Key factors:

  • The site is predominately flat cleared land that has been highly modified by a long history of cropping and grazing activities.
  • Despite proximity to water sources, more of the site (and surrounding area) is grazed than cropped, indicating lesser agricultural capability; these sandy soils present an ideal site for the installation of the driven piles used to support PV modules.
  • The Irradiance levels at the site are consistently high and when combined with the humidity of the region provide an impressive capacity factor of 28%.
  • The site directly connects the existing TransGrid Beryl Substation, a robust connection point for the injection of electricity to the National Electricity Market (NEM).

The key infrastructure for proposal would include:

  • PV modules (solar panels).
  • Single Axis horizontal tracking (likely) or fixed mounting frames.
  • 22‐40 inverter stations with associated transformer.
  • An onsite substation containing one main transformer and associated switchgear.
  • A 66kV transmission line to the adjacent existing Beryl Substation (300m).
  • Modifications of existing Beryl Substation, including civil and electrical works.
  • Underground electrical conduits and cabling to connect the inverters to the onsite substation
  • Underground and aboveground (mounted to module structure) DC cabling to connect the modules to the inverter stations.


Tom Best

First Solar (Australia) Pty Ltd

Tel: (02) 9002 7710



Gilgandra Solar Farm

The proposal involves constructing, operating and eventually decommissioning a 40 megawatt (MW AC) solar farm to the south of Gilgandra in Central West NSW.

The proposal would consist of the following components:

 solar arrays consisting of about 152,000 solar panels supported by about 20,000 piles,

driven or screwed into the ground to support the solar array’s mounting system

 about 20 photovoltaic boxes or skids containing inverters and a transformer evenly

distributed across the site

 onsite cabling and electrical connections between solar arrays and panel inverters

 one delivery station in a container or on a skid platform

 66 kilovolt (KV) substation

 cables and trenches

 tracks to provide access throughout the site during operation, including parking areas

 operational and maintenance office including staff amenities block

 perimeter security fencing

 landscaping around the perimeter of the site where required.

Construction of the proposal would take about nine months to complete.

Capital Investment Value: $61.62mil


Anne Frederic

Neoen Australia Pty. Ltd.

Tel: 0456 006 545


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