SYPAQ Leeson Energy – an announcement of joint venture between SYPAQ Systems and Leeson Group

26 September

SYPAQ Systems and Leeson Group today announced that they have formed SYPAQ Leeson Energy (SLE), a joint venture that will leverage the capabilities of the two companies to provide innovative design, engineering and O&M solutions to the energy sector as well as develop new technologies to reduce energy costs and increase returns in energy investment for consumers, government and industry.

As key players in their respective fields, Leeson Group and SYPAQ bring together a highly skilled and dedicated team, capable of providing customers with a broad range of high-quality, trusted services with a focus on delivering security in the life-cycle of their renewable energy assets; whether that be in the initial stages of system design, detailed and complex power systems engineering services, operations and maintenance, or the implementation and ongoing support of new technologies.

“Partnering with one of Australia’s leading professional services business with a proven track record with government and industry increases Leeson Group’s capability to deliver innovative solutions in the renewable energy sector.” said Peter Leeson, the Managing Director of Leeson Group

“Leeson’s track record in the renewable energy sector and SYPAQ’s proven background in systems engineering and innovation will enable SYPAQ Leeson Energy to offer its clients surety and conformance in planning, innovation in design, and efficiency in operation, and that’s a win-win for them, the energy producers, and their customers, the energy consumers.” said SYPAQ’s Chairman, George Vicino.

Source: SYPA Leeson Energy


AllEnergy Expo & Conference 2018 in Melbourne

Thanks for the opportunity to chat with existing and (hopefully) future subscribers at the AllEnergy Expo in Melbourne this week. Overall the numbers were up and the “vibe” remained positive, despite the evident frustration about the clear policy vacuum from the Australian Government. It’s heartening to see such dynamism and determination from all those involved in our industry in the face of uncertainty ahead.



Barunggam Solar Farm

Ubergy received development approvals for its planned 140 MW Barunggam Solar Farm on a 215 hectare property at Baking Board, 14km from the town of Chinchilla in Queensland. Preliminary approval from Powerlink granted with a meeting scheduled to move on with the GPS study and the issuing of a generation license.


Bookaar Solar Farm refused: Corangamite Shire to miss out on local jobs and $150m of investment

26 September

Despite their officers’ recommendation for approval, yesterday Corangamite Shire Councillors denied planning permission for Bookaar Solar Farm, the solar PV development proposal of up to 200MW at Meningoort near Camperdown.

Ignoring the professional advice of the planners and referral agencies, Councillors sided with a small but vocal minority of residents, and voted to withhold planning consent.

Spokesman for the project Richard Seymour commented: “This is a tremendous disappointment. Councillors have gone against their own Planning Department’s professional recommendation, mainly driven by a concern about the alleged loss of agricultural land. As we have explained all along, Bookaar Solar Farm is a temporary structure and it would only take 0.2% of available agricultural land in Corangamite Shire. It would have brought $150m of investment to the Shire, generating 150 construction jobs and up to 12 full time jobs – it is clear that local people have hugely missed out.”

Mr Seymour continued: “We would like to thank all of our supporters and those who have participated in constructive consultation. We will now go back to the drawing board to consider our options. This is a very good project and it is worth fighting for.”

Source: Infinergy


High-tech abattoir powered by renewables to deliver Gladstone jobs

28 September

A high-tech abattoir in Gladstone is set to deliver 308 construction and 335 operational jobs after Queensland’s independent Coordinator-General approved the development application for Asia Pacific Agri-Corp’s $308 million project.

Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning Cameron Dick said the project, to be built by the Asia Pacific Agri-corp in the Gladstone State Development Area (SDA), will be the first of its kind in Australia.

“Once fully operational this cutting-edge facility will be capable of processing 2,400 head of cattle per day ready to cater for growing demand for Australian beef,” he said.

“The development approval also provides for 95 hectares of solar panels, capable of generating 78 MW of electricity or almost one third of the sites total electricity needs.

“A further energy efficiency measure includes the development of an on-site 33MW hydrogen plant to service the abattoir’s boiler.”

Minister for Agricultural Industry Development Mark Furner said the development stood to benefit local farmers.

“The abattoir, processing, packing and export facility is proposed to incorporate the latest and most advanced technologies used in meat processing plants, including the incorporation of robotic systems,” he said.

“These technologies will enable the Asia Pacific Agri-corp to adopt an innovative paddock to market supply chain arrangements, sourcing cattle directly from farmers and tracing product to the market.”

Member for Gladstone Glenn Butcher said the facility will make its way through the Port of Gladstone to international markets enhancing Gladstone’s reputation as a place to do business.

“The Gladstone State Development Area supports economic development in a very efficient and environmentally sustainable way by co-locating industries together and making better use of infrastructure,” he said.

“Equally as vital is the fact that this development will open up massive job increases for labourers in the Gladstone region by providing employment to dozens of non-trade occupations such as cattle workers, fork lift drivers, and other processing workers.

“The development will also open up positions for administrative workers, and will offer export trade employment and training, and it is overall an extraordinary opportunity for Gladstone workers.”

Queensland’s independent Coordinator-General has placed 29 strict conditions on the project ensuring adverse emissions, such as noise, dust and odour will not affect residents.

Asia Pacific Agri-Corp will next undertake detailed design prior to starting construction.

“A key advantage of an SDA is to promote economic development and growth adjacent to ports and around good transport facilities, such as major road and rail networks,” Mr Dick said.

“Earlier this year the Coordinator-General conducted community consultation on the proposed project that was fully supported by the Gladstone Regional Council.

“Some secondary approvals are required for the project to commence, including approval for operational works by Gladstone Regional Council and Environmental Authority permits from the Department of Environment and Science for the meat processing and irrigation activities onsite.”

Construction is expected to commence around May 2019 subject to subsequent approvals and is anticipated to be operational by 2021.

Source: Queensland Government



Canadian Solar unveils BiHiKu, new 400+ watt poly bifacial solar module

Canadian Solar Inc. (the "Company", or "Canadian Solar") (NASDAQ: CSIQ), one of the world's largest solar power companies, today unveiled our proprietary P4-based BiHiKu module, combining three industry leading solar PV technologies in one new 400+ Watt module: the latest black silicon, poly PERC, and bifacial cell technologies. Merging these technologies enables Canadian Solar to produce the BiHiKu module, a HiKu module with bifaciality up to 75 percent.

This new poly solar module generates 400 Watts or more on the front, plus up to 30 percent additional power generation from the back side, dramatically increasing system yield and reducing the Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE). The Company believes that BiHiKu is the first poly bifacial module exceeding 400+ Watt nominal front side power.

BiHiKu is perfect for large commercial or utility-scale solar installations, particularly where a high reflection ground or surface under the module creates high albedo, contributing to high back side yield. The product will be available in 2019 and pre-production orders are being accepted now.

In addition, Canadian Solar is introducing to the North America market the HiDM high density module, a shingled solar module with unique IP-granted design features and up to 19.9% module efficiency. The 60-cell sized mono PERC HiDM, up to 330 Watt, is an aesthetically pleasing all-black module perfect for residential rooftops. The 72-cell sized mono PERC HiDM, up to 410 Watt, is a highly efficient black module for commercial applications.

"As Canadian Solar continues on the forefront of solar module innovation, we are proud to introduce BiHiKu and HiDM as the next steps in maximizing the lifetime value of your solar assets," said Dr. Shawn Qu, chairman and chief executive officer of Canadian Solar. "Solar systems using BiHiKu will be able to break away from the pack and score high on low LCOE, making many seemingly impossible low PPA solar projects possible."

Source: Canadian Solar



Stanhope Solar Farm

Location: Approximately 0.5km east of Stanhope and 40km west of Shepparton in Victoria

Capacity: 30 MW solar farm and 100 MW grid battery

Developer: GloBird Energy

Expected cost: $150mil

LGA: Campaspe Council

Description: The project consists of:

- 2.3km of screening trees

- 3.6km of security fencing

- 120,000 of north-oriented, fixed tilt 250W solar panels covering approximately 39 hectares (ha).

- 23,330 steel piles driven or screwed into the ground supporting the panels

- 400 x 40ft shipping container sized batteries

- 70 X 40ft shipping containers with large inverters and transformers

- One grid delivery station in a container

- Office with site amenities in the existing farmhouse

- Internal access tracks, and

- Cables and trenching

Contact: Luke Scott

Renewables & Batteries Manager

GloBird Energy

Tel: (03) 8560 4171



Kidston Pumped Storage Hydro Project declared Coordinated Project

2 October

Genex Power Limited (ASX: GNX) (Genex or Company) is pleased to announce that the 250MW Kidston Pumped Storage Hydro Project (K2-Hydro or Project) has been declared a Coordinated Project by the Queensland State Government pursuant to section 26(1)(a) of the State Development and Public Works Organisation Act 1971 (SDPWO Act).

The Coordinated Project declaration now provides an expedited pathway for Genex to finalise all outstanding approvals for the Project.

Commenting on the declaration, CEO of Genex James Harding stated:

“Genex welcomes the Coordinated Project declaration by the Queensland State Government. This declaration is recognition of the significant positive benefits that the Project will have to the region and state, and coming on the heels of the recently announced Development Approval provides further support from the Office of the Coordinator General as we finalise outstanding environmental approvals ahead of closing the financing and commencing construction in 2019”.

Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning Cameron Dick said:

“The Project complements the State’s shift to renewable energy and supports the target of generating 50 per cent of Queensland’s electricity needs from renewable energy by 2030, as identified in The Powering Queensland Plan. The addition of hydroelectric generation in Northern Queensland will add stability and system strength to the network in the region reducing the necessity for importing excess electricity from neighbouring areas, providing a benefit to the entire network.

This renewable energy storage project has the ability to revitalise the local economy and I commend Genex on making sure locals benefit from the project.”

Source: Genex Power



Tilbuster Solar Farm

Location: Approximately 6km north-west of the Tilbuster township, and approximately 13km north-west of Armidale in northern NSW

Developer: Enerparc

Capacity: Up to 300 MW

LGA: Armidale

Description: The proposed project includes the development of:

  • PV modules and inverter stations
  • Single axis tracker or fixed mounting systems on steel frames
  • An energy storage facility
  • Site office and maintenance building including monitoring container
  • Transformers and substation, including ancillary equipment
  • Electrical cabling including overhead lines and underground electrical conduits
  • Security fence and cameras
  • Electrical cabling including overhead lines and underground electrical conduits

Two existing transmission lines transect the proposal site; a 132kV eastern line and a 330kV central line. Both lines are considered for the connection for the proposed solar farm. Both the eastern and central line run south east to north west through the proposal site.

Contact: Benjamin Hannig

Managing Director

Enerparc Australia

Tel: (02) 8311 1338



Delivering renewable energy direct to NSW councils

2 October

Libraries, sporting fields, arts centres, public lighting and municipal offices across most of metropolitan Sydney will be powered by renewable energy.

Origin will supply solar power to 20 Sydney local councils in a new renewable energy agreement that will meet up to 35 per cent of their demand. Origin will also firm the solar with power from other sources such as peaking gas-fired power stations, making sure the councils have reliable supply when the sun goes down.

In a group Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) led by the Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC), the councils will be supplied with solar power from the 56 MW Moree Solar Farm in northern NSW.

Origin Executive General Manager Energy Supply and Operations Greg Jarvis said, “A growing number of customers are actively choosing renewable energy and Origin can bundle wind or solar together with firm generation that gives them certainty over supply and costs.

“SSROC wanted cost effective renewable energy and we have structured an agreement that gives these councils solar power from Moree Solar Farm during the day and firm generation at other times to cover demand around the clock.

“Origin is pleased to be helping customers take advantage of the falling cost of renewables, helping them to achieve significant cost savings and reduce their carbon emissions,” Greg said.

The SSROC PPA follows similar agreements for firmed renewable supply, which Origin brokered with the University of NSW and Sydney Airport.

SSROC President and Mayor of Burwood Council, Councillor John Faker said, “This is a huge achievement by local government. Councils will save money, lower their risk and reduce their carbon emissions. It will also give a much-needed boost to the renewable energy industry in NSW.”

From 1 July 2019, Origin will provide the 20 participating councils with around 39,000MWh of renewable energy from Moree Solar Farm until the end of 2030. The balance of their electricity needs will be supplied as regular grid electricity to 2022.

The 20 participating councils are Bayside, Campbelltown, Canada Bay, Canterbury-Bankstown, Georges River, Hunters Hill, Inner West, Ku-Ring Gai, Lane Cove, Liverpool, Mosman, North Sydney, Parramatta, Randwick, Ryde, Singleton, Sutherland Shire, Waverley, Willoughby and Woollahra.

Source: Origin

Large-scale generation certificate market update and position on carried forward shortfall

4 October

The Clean Energy Regulator has released:

- the latest market update for October providing our view on large-scale generation certificate (LGC) supply and demand, and

- an Industry Update on surrender of LGCs and our position on carried forward shortfall.

Current market observati ons

- Since 2016, 10,066 megawatts of new large-scale capacity has been firmly announced, exceeding the 6400 megawatts required to meet the 2020 target. Of this capacity, 8332 megawatts is either already built or under construction.

- New renewable energy power station accreditations are accelerating faster than anticipated. We now anticipate over 3400 megawatts of new capacity to be accredited during this year and up to 4300 megawatts in 2019. This is considerably higher than our May 2018 estimate.

- In 2018 to date, 2278 megawatts of new capacity has been accredited and 1307 megawatts is currently under application. We expect at least another 200 megawatts to apply for accreditation this year.

- The Clean Energy Regulator has been approached regarding our position on carried forward shortfall (up to 10 per cent) and paid shortfall (over 10 per cent). Our previous market update stated that the use of these mechanisms is a commercial matter for liable entities. Given that the Renewable Energy Target will be clearly exceeded, the Clean Energy Regulator has no objections to the use of shortfall in the expectation that clients would true up these positions with LGCs in a subsequent year, as allowed for under the law. Read our Industry Update on surrender of LGCs for more information.

- LGC prices have fallen significantly since our last market update. Spot LGCs closed at $71.90 on 27 September 2018, having dropped to the lowest price levels since October 2015.

- 15.7 million LGCs have been validated to 27 September 2018 with a further 1.4 million pending. We expect hydro power stations to create 2018 LGCs during this year. Our previous estimate of 24 million LGCs validated for the 2018 assessment year may be exceeded. We now expect the surplus after the February 2019 surrender date to exceed 5 million certificates.

For the complete market update please read the Large-scale generation certificate market update – October.

Source: Clean Energy Regulator


Zenviron secures second Moorabool Wind Farm contract

4 October

Full-service balance-of-plant specialist, Zenviron, will deliver both the northern and southern sections of the Moorabool Wind Farm in regional Victoria following the award of a second contract, taking Zenviron’s total contract works on this project to approximately $130 million.

Goldwind Australia, owner of the Moorabool Wind Farm, awarded the northern section balance-of-plant works to Zenviron in April this year, and has now awarded further balance-of-plant works for the southern section of the wind farm to Zenviron.

Speaking on the additional contract award, Zenviron General Manager Carl Keating said the second package of work with Goldwind Australia demonstrates confidence in Zenviron’s capability to deliver on this vital renewable infrastructure project for Victoria’s sustainable energy future.

“Building trusted relationships with our customers while delivering sustainable energy solutions for Australia is something we pride ourselves on, so it’s with great pleasure that we take on a second contract with Goldwind Australia for the delivery of balance-of-plant works across the entire project,” said Mr Keating.

This is Zenviron’s fourth wind farm project win for 2018.

Goldwind Australia Vice President – Program Delivery, John Gardner said Goldwind was pleased to be continuing its partnership with Zenviron for the Moorabool Wind Farm project.

“We look forward to continuing to work with Zenviron during the construction phase of the project,” said Mr Gardner.

Construction of the northern section of the Moorabool Wind Farm is in-progress and is expected to be fully operational by mid-2019. Balance-of-plant works will commence on the southern section of the wind farm from September 2018, with completion expected in early 2020.

Goldwind anticipates up to 300 jobs onsite during construction peaks for the project, and to employ up to 20 permanent maintenance staff once the wind farm is operational.

Once operational, the wind farm will power approximately 200,000 Victorian homes each year.

Source: Zenviron


Albany wave energy technology development project update

5 October

Carnegie Clean Energy Limited (ASX: CCE) is pleased to provide an update on the Albany Wave Energy Project.

As per a media statement this morning released from the office of Hon Alannah MacTiernan MLC, Minister for Regional Development; Agriculture and Food; Minister Assisting the Minister for State Development, Jobs and Trade, the following general information was released related to the Albany Wave Energy Technology Develoment Project:

- The State Government has agreed to pay Carnegie Clean Energy the previously negotiated revised first milestone payment of $2.625 million for the Albany wave energy technology development project.

- The State Government is satisfied that Carnegie has commenced site development activities and design works, and has complied with its contractual obligations.

- Carnegie Clean Energy is required to provide a detailed funding plan and the Company will be given nine weeks to complete this plan.

- Upon receipt of the plan, the State Government will then assess whether the company has the financial capability, in an altered Federal R&D tax incentive environment, to complete the project.

The release further stated comments attributed to Regional Development Minister Alannah MacTiernan:

- The Federal Government's proposal to change R&D tax incentives, contained in their 2018-19 Budget, has threatened the bottom line of several Western Australian companies – from renewable energy to tech metals.

- These changes emerged after the State Government signed the funding agreement for the Albany wave energy technology development project.

- Given the circumstances surrounding the Federal R&D changes, the State Government is committed to protecting its investment and building safeguards in the project to minimise financial exposure.

- We are committed to renewable energy research and development in the Great Southern, to drive jobs and economic benefits for the region.

- This project has the potential to advance wave energy technology that otherwise would have been developed overseas.

Source: Carnegie Clean Energy



Provision of up to 2MW of Solar PV panels

Horizon Power’s Onslow Distributed Energy Resource (DER) project consists of two Stages. The recently completed Stage 1, included a modular power station and associated infrastructure. Stage 2 consists of Utility DER (a solar farm and utility-scale battery storage) and Customer DER components.

Horizon Power invites you to submit a response for the provision of the Customer DER component of the project, including solar PV panels, battery energy storage systems, battery and solar PV inverters, customer quoting and sales and installation.  Horizon Power seeks to ‘orchestrate’ the Customer DER using a ‘Secure Gateway Device’, a device which integrates between Horizon Power control systems and the Customer DER. The Project is underpinned by financial incentives which will be offered to Horizon Power customers who participate. 

HP01758 is seeking the Provision of up to 2MW of Solar PV panels. The works include:

- Supply of up to 2 MW of tier 1 solar PV panels suitable for a variety of residential and commercial properties in Onslow. Panels will be procured in 1MW up-front and 250kW tranches thereafter.

This Request for Tender also consists of two additional separate portions outlined below:

- HP01759 - Provision of up to 1MWh of Battery Energy Storage Systems, associated Battery and Solar PV inverters, sales and installation (includes installation of Secure Gateway Device)

- HP01760 - Provision of Secure Gateway Device

Respondents are invited to respond to any or all of the Request for Tender packages.

Respondents who wish to respond to both HP01758 and HP01759, may either respond to each Package individually, or provide a single bundled response to HP01759 as provided for in the pricing schedule under the tab titled “Package 2 – Bundled Price”.

A vendor briefing will be held on 8th of October 2018, at 2 pm, at the Horizon Power Office on 18 Brodie-Hall Drive, Bentley, Western Australia.

Responses must be lodged by 14:00WST on Tuesday, 23 October 2018.

More information is available here.



CSIRO: design and installation of solar PV

CSIRO is seeking responses to a request for tender from suitably qualified and experienced service providers for the design, supply, installation, structural certification, commissioning and maintenance of a roof mounted grid connected Photovoltaic (PV) system at the CSIRO Black Mountain (ACT), Pullenvale (QLD) and Waite (SA) Sites. The relevant system DC capacity ratings are: Black Mountain 917kW, Pullenvale 762kW and Waite 400kW. Tenderers may tender for any site, any combination of sites or all sites.

More information is available here.

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