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To Provide Comprehensive and Current Information About the Large-scale Renewable Energy Industry in Australia & New Zealand.

All this information is presented in simple, easy-to-use and searchable formats including maps, charts and graphs.

AltEnergy allows its users to keep fully informed about our booming industry, and is a valuable tool for project developers, consultants, suppliers, service providers, financiers, regulators, and anyone else with an interest in renewable energy in our region.

Since 2017 AltEnergy has assisted our subscribers fully understand what’s happening, down to the major supplier level, at all major clean energy projects across Australia and New Zealand including significant progress updates and relevant contact details.
Generating : 508
In Development : 1235
Total : 1743
Capacity (MW)
Generating: 42602.3749
In Development: 448505.245
Total : 491107.6199

Comprehensive and Up-to-date Australian and New Zealand Large-scale Renewable Energy Project Information Available.

Our products track all Generating and In Development utility-scale renewable energy projects in Australia and New Zealand, provide information about who’s doing what and where in the industry, and break down industry-wide data into clear and informative packages.

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